The Couples Shower


This past weekend, Jord and I were the main event of our very own Couples Shower. The “main event” is the perfect wording for it because we were the center of attention from the time we arrived until the end of the night. Our best friends, Johanna and Andrew hosted the shower, and with the help of a few of my bridesmaids, they threw the perfect party.

I started my Saturday with a 5-mile run outside. I was so excited for the day that I couldn’t sleep! I woke up at 7:00 a.m., cleaned my apartment, went for a run and then headed out to get a few snacks for a day at the lake. Jordan arrived around 10:30 and my best friends from high school arrived from Ohio and shortly after, our North Carolina couple came through the door. We threw the coolers in the car and headed to Jord’s parents house on Loon Lake to spend the day.

DSC07398 DSC07395

We took a few boat rides, played corn hole and chatted about everything. It was so nice to spend time with our out of town friends in a relaxed setting that we weren’t paying attention to the time, and before we knew it, we were rushing back to my apartment to shower and get ready for the couples shower.


Once we got to the shower, creatively named the “I Do BBQ” by my MOH, I was blown away by the creativity that was used. Johanna used our wedding colors to create a beautiful outdoor BBQ for all of our friends.

If you have never been to a couples shower before, it is similar to a bridal shower, but for both the bride and the groom and usually involves other couples as well. Each shower is different, but this one was definitely catered to our interests and had games, drinks, food and ended with a trip to our favorite place on the lake, The Frog!

Some of my best  girl friends at the I Do BBQ

Some of my best girl friends at the I Do BBQ

Each couple brought a date-inspired gift and we received everything from hiking/biking equipment to picnic supplies. Our friends tried to cater the gifts to our active interests and enthusiasm for theoutdoors and they hit the nail on the head with each gift. After we opened gifts, our hosts gave us a little something to travel to the bar with in style. We got lots of compliments on our fancy attire. 🙂



We headed out and the rest is a blur of music, dancing and laughter. Literally, a blur. 🙂