Here to Stay

I’m back! Did you think I’d type one post and then leave forever? No way, I’m here to stay for a while and this time, I promise I’ll be back with more posts. Now, since I said that, I have to hold myself accountable and actually post more than once every 2 weeks. 🙂 My goal is to eventually post once a day with recipes, workout ideas and random musings from this midwestern life. This is a pretty ambitious goal, but I’m determined to reach it. For a little while, I will have to be intentional about posting,  but I know that eventually, it will become a habit. Let’s get on with it though, because this isn’t an “About Me” post; I already wrote one of those.

This is my second post of many in the Striding Out blog series. It contains a little bit of everything I hope to bring the blog. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks…

A lot of eating…


My favorite Sushi roll- The Philly Roll!. Yum!


Gyros at Greek Fest

Oh, I could swim in that cucumber sauce. And no, that juicy flour pita is not a part of my bridal bootcamp plan, but it was SO worth it.

A lot of Zumba shaking… ImageThat was a 1980’s themed Zumbathon. Don’t judge, I know you’ve danced around the living room to “It’s Trickayyy”  once or twice in your life. If you haven’t…take a listen and just try not to do a little shoulder pop.


And a lot of caffeine drinking….


I am not a huge caffeine junky and have a rule to never have anything stronger than water past 10 a.m. but lately I have been NEEDING an energy boost in the afternoons and a handful of almonds just doesn’t cut it for me when I’m falling asleep at my desk to the sound of the pitter patter on the window… I think a big part of my midday slump has to do with all the rain that the midwest is getting. It’s not just a summer rain it’s like a monsoon in the jungle that lasts for days and weeks…Okay, so I’m exaggerating just a little. The rain has forced me to get things done inside though, including a few great strength training sessions.

I’ve been incorporating more Pilates-based exercises into my strength routine and loving the results! I’m seeing some lengthening in my muscles, which is always a good thing. Stay tuned for a post on toning your biggest trouble spots.

See you next time!



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