Summer Saturday

Usually, my Saturdays in the summer consist of water sports and watermelons. This summer’s Saturdays have been a little different. 7 a.m. and my eyes fly open without the sound of an alarm. I bound out of bed and start on my to do list for the day. Why is it that on weekdays I can barely pry my eyes open to get to work on time at 8, but on weekends, I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7 a.m.?! For the love of Pete, it’s my day off!

These to do lists always have a workout and a wedding item on them. There is nothing quite like crossing an item off of your to do list is there? With only three months until the big day, the items on my list just keep getting longer and longer. .


This morning was no exception and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get my day started. After a couple overeasy eggs and coffee, I started working on a little presentation for later. The item on today’s to do list is flowers!! My mom and I are meeting up with a couple of florists in Ohio to try to pick out the bouquets and table decor. I have tons of different ideas for flowers (thank God for Pinterest right?) so I have no idea what will come out of today but here are some options.





What do you think about these choices? I’m going for a sort of vintage, fall feel. Who knows, I’ll probably come back with something completely different. 😉 After the floral appointments, Jordan is meeting up with me for a marriage counseling session with our Pastor. Busy wedding day!

What are you doing on this summer Saturday? 

Do you ever feel like you can sleep longer on weekdays, but when the time comes to sleep in, you can’t do it? 


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