Workouts that Multitask

Good morning! It’s Monday. Your favorite day of the week right? My Saturday was a whirlwind of wedding planning and Sunday was the exact opposite–a lake day. Lake days are my favorite part of summer because you’re outside with your friends and family–life can’t get any better than that! Lots of Cornhole, frisbee, water sports and boating are involved on our lake days.


It was a beautiful day yesterday (we haven’t gotten many of those this summer) and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Jordan and I went to an 8:30 a.m. church service, then raced back to the apartment to change and head to the gym so that I could teach my 10:15 Zumba class while he completed a workout. Afterwards, we picked up Jimmy John’s to eat on the half hour drive to the lake.


Jordan had a club sandwich and I ate a tuna UNwich…WORST DECISION EVER. I was trying to be carb-free healthy so I subbed out JJs delicious bread for the piece of watery paper they call lettuce…I have never had an UNwich before and I never will again.

Lesson learned: always always always go with the bread.

After I got home from the lake, I cleaned the apartment and came up with a full body strength AND cardio workout for you guys. When I want to do cardio and strength training but I don’t have time to do both, I just combine them into one fast, sweaty workout. This one I developed last night keeps you on your toes and it will fly by! I’m a lot like my favorite blogger, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers,  and I get bored with workouts easily. Try this multi-tasking workout today.

Disclaimer: I am not personal trainer or physical therapist, please check with a doctor before making any new changes to your fitness routine.

Functional workout

Don’t know how to do some of those exercises? Click on the exercise to learn!

Tricep Dips (No bench in sight? Try these on flat ground while lifting one leg at a time)

Walking Lunges

Plank with leg lift 


My favorite thing about this workout is that you can do it outside!  This functional workout is a great one to do if you are just getting started with your running. The  short bursts of movement every 90 seconds really help break up the monotony of a long run.  This workout will leave you super sweaty and tone you up quickly. Have fun and let me know how it goes!




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