Diets vs. Real Life

2 posts in 2 days. Who am I?! I am channeling my favorite bloggers, Fitnessista and Peanut Butter Fingers and trying to write more often. Another reason for the increase in postings is accountability. The more I talk about my healthy living, the more I want to keep with it!

I am trying to get in the best possible shape for my wedding this October. No, I’m not trying to lose weight, nor do I think I need to lose weight. “Diet” is a scary word that people love to throw around. To me, a diet is a quick fix to a problem, like putting duct tape on broken chair. Eventually, the chair is going to break.

I am constantly striving to live a healthy lifestyle by eating whole, clean foods, getting lots of sleep, and exercising. Living a healthy lifestyle is harder than a 5 day juice cleanse or a 2 month stint of no-carbs because it never ends. Your end goal is life (insert cheesy motivational speaker here)!

For real though guys, once you start practicing healthful living you will not only notice inches and pounds lost, but you will have more energy, clearer skin and a happier disposition. You CAN’T get all of that from a diet, you just can’t.

The hardest party is finding what works for you. You may have to try a different things out first. Maybe you HATE vegetables and have to sneak them into your smoothies to get your daily intake, maybe you don’t have time to workout and have to get up early to get it done and over with.


Many different people have ideas about what it means to “eat clean” and what “whole foods” really are. You can do some research on your own, but I think it’s simple. Eating clean means putting the most natural, unprocessed foods into your body. It also means making sure you are getting enough protein, vegetables and carbohydrates to fuel you and your activity level. I am not an expert on healthy living, I definitely have my cake and eat it too! But, I also believe in balance. You can’t be a food nazi and never eat an ounce of sugar, salt or fat because let’s face it, sometimes you just NEED that donut. I’ve been there! The thing to remember, and what has helped me the most, is to enjoy that donut, cake or french fries and then get right back on track. It’s all about balance.


So, how am I getting ready for the biggest day of my life? I am eating clean, getting tons of sleep, and exercising regularly. Yes, I’ll probably lower my sugar intake a bit and stay away from sodium and salts (bye bye pretzels twists) but I want to feel healthy on my wedding day–not deprived, hungry and tired.

Here are some really great ideas on how to eat clean and great recipes that I’m using to boost my healthy lifestyle.

How did you get ready for your wedding? Or

What’s your advice for the nervous brides out there? 


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