The Hangry Bride (Part 2 of Weekend Series)

I left a little cliffhanger on the end of my post yesterday, so I will end you curiosity with the details from our busy Saturday. 🙂 It started off innocently enough. I woke up for a 9:45 a.m. hair appointment and scarfed down a whole wheat english muffin with banana and peanut butter in the car. I got my blonde touched up and my ends a nice trim before scheduling my final cut and color before the wedding. Yikes! That was a little surreal to do.

After the hair appointment, I drove to Jordan’s house to pick him up and head over to the Jewelry store to pick out our wedding bands. This was one of my “to do’s” that I didn’t mind doing at all. My band was already picked out because it goes with my ring, but it was Jordan’s first time looking at the men’s bands. It was a lot of fun seeing him try on different rings and teasing him for taking so long–he was picky and we were in there for an hour and a half!


Jord ended up putting three bands on hold to think about. I have to admit, I got a little emotional seeing him with a ring on his finger. It made the whole experience a lot more real!

My stomach started growling in the jewelers and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since 9 a.m. which is very unlike me. I am a snacker 😀 Once we left the jewelers we still had one more errand to run before lunch that I thought would be quick…I thought wrong.

Have you ever tried get things printed at FedEx? Well, it took so much longer than I thought and thank God for Jord, because the FedEx lady would not have lived to see another day had he not been in there with us. We needed to print maps and information insert cards for our invitations, so I saved everything on my flash drive to bring in for a quick and easy print. Well, I left the flash drive at home. . Fortunately, I had everything in my email so I was able to email the attachments to FedEx.The email didn’t work…You can see where this is going. Finally, they received my emails and we were able to print a sample of the map. Yay! They looked great and we printed. Next came the insert cards.

Well, the lady thought she’d be a designer and “stretch” my font to fit the cards. She printed a sample and I did not approve. After we got the stretching incident figured out, we printed another sample and I checked our wedding website to make sure it worked. It DIDN’T work. I typed it into my phone about 10 times and kept getting error messages. This is when the tears started to well up. I JUST wanted to send out my invitations!!!!

Jordan calmly told me to make sure I was using the correct website. When I checked the address against our Save the Date cards, I realized I had typed the wrong web address on the insert cards. DERP. Since I had my computer with me, I was able to edit the document and email it to FedEx again. They printed out more samples and FINALLY, we were done. Moral of the story…don’t expect any wedding tasks to take less than an hour to complete and marry a person who can handle stress. Jordan has the patience of a saint.

Remember my growling stomach at the jewelry store? By this point, my stomach had eaten itself and I was more achy than I was hungry. We went to Chipotle where I inhaled this salad.


Veggie Salad with black beans, brown rice, fajita veggies, guac and tomatoes.

After our bellies were full we hit up the suit store to find shirts for our groomsmen. This went so much more smoothly and we were in and out with a decision made in a half hour! We made our way over to the mall for a few returns and then it was off to Ohio for my bridal shower festivities! I was so exhausted from running around all day, but knew I had a long night ahead of me…and boy was I right.

See you tomorrow with part 3 of my emotional roller coaster ride of a weekend!

Have you ever been so hungry that you are past the point of no return? 

I try not to ever let myself get to that point, because then I get “Hangry” –hungry + angry–and I end up eating junk just to get something in me fast. I know that one of my best friends’ Whit goes through this too. I was definitely at the Hangry stage on Saturday, but I am glad I had Jordan there to keep me on track and Chipotle was the perfect choice.


4 thoughts on “The Hangry Bride (Part 2 of Weekend Series)

  1. Hmmm- Sounds a lot like Keith and I 🙂 Hangry completely changes my mood and it’s no fun to be around. Keith says he needs to start carrying around scooby snacks for me and pop them in my mouth so I can be nice!!

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