Foodie Fridays

TGIF! I have big plans this weekend that involve plopping by the pool and catching some much needed rays of sun.


I was pretty excited to see this forecast for the weekend. I’m not sure it gets better than that! It can get pretty humid in the Midwestern summer months and that tends to do funky things to my hair.


90 degrees and up >>> Mufasa in the house.

Jord and I will also be attending a wedding on Saturday for close friends of ours. The bride is the one from the bachelorette party I attended a couple weeks ago. Jord is in the wedding so this will be my first solo trip. Crossing my fingers for open bar  a fun table. 😉

I’m definitely experiencing what I like to call a “Foodie Friday.” All week, I stick to my healthy eating habits and try to stay away from sugar and then Friday hits…and my sweet tooth comes alive! I swear, it’s like my body just KNOWS it’s the weekend and wants to de-stress with bagels, donut holes and ice cream. Today is especially bad because not only did someone bring in Dunkin Donuts’ munchkins to work but we also have Panera bagels AND cookies… All just sitting out for anyone to grab. I think the munchkins are the worst because you can just pop one in your mouth and it’s gone in .05 seconds.

I succumbed to the bagels because Panera’s hazelnut cream cheese is like a gift from God. I toasted half of a blueberry bagel and spread the glorious cheese on it. It was in my mouth before I even had time to snap a picture. Oops!

Sometimes, you just have to give in a little and let yourself enjoy the food. I also needed that bread to ease the tension in my sore body from my workout last night. Justification at its finest people.

My workout last night was inspired by healthy living blogger and personal trainer, Gina. It left my arms, abs and legs super sore and it only took about 45 minutes to complete. I tend to get bored when lifting since I am such a cardio junkie and need workouts shorter than an hour to keep me interested. This one had me raining sweat and I loved all the different workout moves!


Sorry this picture is so tiny go here for the full workout.

For the plank burner at the end I created my own little ab workout:

Side plank hip dips–10 L side, 10 R side

Side plank toe touch–10 L side, 10 R side

Complete the circuit 3 times through and I promise your obliques will be burnin!

Do you tend to crave junkie foods towards the end of the week? 

Have you ever gone solo to a wedding, or been to a wedding where your date is in the wedding party? 


2 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays

  1. Oh my gosh Panera cinnamon crunch bagels hold a special place in my heart, especially with that cream cheese. Now I’m thinking I need to find one, like now. Right now. 😉 Maybe after my long run tomorrow!

    PS: I literally laughed out loud at my work desk at your mufassa comment. I lived in the midwest with frizzy hair for so long… I think that may have been why my fiance wanted to move to a dry climate 😉

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