The Time Traveler Workout – Back to high school!

So I’ve been pretty busy lately. . . I am 29 days away from the wedding and I have about 5 different to do lists. One of them is not even wedding-related. I moved into a new apartment this past weekend while Jordan played in a golf outing…Woof. I will never make that mistake again. 15 trips in between apartments, 44 treks up the stairs carrying clothes and 68 times I asked myself why I have so much crap.

It is finally done. The move part, not the unpacking,  cleaning and organizing parts. Those will come when the soreness in my back is gone. How did I get so old? Since I was exhausted from moving over the weekend, I never got a good workout in. Carrying boxes is a workout, but it’s not like a refreshing run or a sweaty set of strength training. Last night, around 8:00 p.m. I finally had time for a run. Since it starts getting dark at 8:30, and I don’t like to run after dark, I knew I had to keep my workout short. I created this quick cardio beast that left me with only a little breath.

PicMonkey Collage

This workout reminded me of high school track practice when we had to do speed workouts. They were always the day I circled on my agenda planner with dread. Now, I get excited for these calorie burners because they are quick and efficient. If you want to take it to a track, trade the 30 second jog/sprints in for 100 meters and you’ve got a time travel straight back to track practice.

Were you an athlete in high school? 

Did you have workouts that you dreaded? 



Turns out I’m allergic…to fun

So, remember how excited I was about the Labor Day long weekend? Well, I spoke too soon. Saturday morning started out just as I imagined. Jord and I took a ride through the mountain biking trails and then got in the car to meet up with some friends for breakfast. I got in the car and set my right hand on the side of the window…enjoying a nice breeze. I immediately pulled my hand back in the car when I felt a sharp pain in my pinky. I thought the hot metal on the car door burned me, but then I saw a bee flying away.

I must have set my hand right on top of a bee and the little guy got me right inside of my pinky finger. I started laughing and then crying a little because it hurt SO badly!! I have never been stung before and had no idea the amount of pain the little black and yellow buzzer could give. We met up with friends for breakfast and we were all laughing at how my swollen finger resembled the sausage links that were served. Well, the bee had the last laugh because soon my whole hand was swollen.


I was freaking out a little, but everyone told me swelling was normal, so I popped some Benadryl and we were off to the lake.

IMG_1757   IMG_1760   IMG_1763

The Benadryl zapped all of my energy and I pretty much sat on the boat and smiled for most of the afternoon, trying not to fall asleep. I had a lot of fun watching my friends wake surf and jump off the boat.

IMG_1766  IMG_1771

I am usually all about swimming and water sports, but I stayed dry for most of the afternoon and chatted with my girlfriends while we cruised across the lake. Later on, I felt alive enough to go for a quick paddleboard adventure.


It was hilarious trying to get 3 girls on one paddleboard. At this point, my hand was so swollen that I could barely use it. The paddleboard trip below was about 30 seconds out and back.

IMG_1780   IMG_1783


Later on I felt well enough to try wake surfing for the first time and I’m so glad I did! We ended the night on the lake by wake surfing, swimming and wakeboarding.

IMG_1784  IMG_1787  IMG_1790   IMG_1795  IMG_1798 IMG_1799


My hand was still  pretty swollen on Sunday, so I slept for most of the day and was ZERO fun when we went to see Jordan’s family at their lake house. It was a little fun to see people’s reactions when I would show them my huge hand. The swelling still hadn’t gone down since Saturday morning.



When I woke up Monday morning, I had had enough. After sleeping and eating Benadryl for two days, my bee sting had turned into a nuisance and I  needed to do something about it. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and steroids for the sting and five hours later I went from this….


To this…



Hallelujah! Aside from some itchiness, my bee sting has healed and I now have a normal hand. It was definitely a scary experience to see my body react to something like that and I am so grateful for doctors who know what they’re doing and prescriptions that actually work. Phew!

I wouldn’t say my Labor Day weekend was a flop, but it wasn’t exactly what I had planned for my last few days of summer fun.

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Tell me about it! 

What did you do for the holiday weekend?