There’s a reason I’ve been quiet…

I’m still here friends!

I’ve just been busy getting married…

wpid6130-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-58  wpid6134-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-60 wpid6136-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-61 wpid6140-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-63   wpid6150-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-68  wpid6160-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-73 wpid6162-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-74   wpid6168-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-77 wpid6188-nazareth-hall-wedding-photos-87

Going on my honeymoon…



DSC07624 DSC07626


Starting a new job…

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 3.36.21 PM

And living life!

Be back soon with regularly scheduled programming and more pictures. 🙂


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