The handful of blogs I like to creep read every day. Some of these are real-life friends and some just feel like  friends. Check them out!

PBFingers –A healthy living blog that inspired me to start my own. Julie is a fellow Communications major who posts about life, workouts, recipes and her adorable dog.

Fitnessista— Gina is a beauty, military wife, and mother who creates delicious recipes, amazing workout plans and other fun advice.

CarrotsNCake–This blogger started writing when she wanted to get in shape for her wedding (sounds familiar). Now, she has a book and blogs full time about healthy living tips, recipes and daily life.

A Small Pickle— Whit is a registered dietician and a newlywed living in a dream place–North Carolina! She is as cute as can be and blogs about recipes and the adventures that her and her husband get into.

Classy in a Classroom–A fashion blog for professional 20-somethings that want to look cute, but have a tight budget. Amy has great style and I always go to her blog when I want an idea for any outfit. She even links prices and where you can find similar items!

Nothing But Bonfires–This is actually the first blog I ever found and one of my favorites. She is an amazing writer and her posts are hilarious. Also, check out her DIY stuff–she’s so creative!


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